Conquistando Escalones opens a cosmetic line in its online store

Conquistando Escalones continues to expand the products available in its online store, one of its main ways to raise funds since the pandemic arrived. For this reason, and with the aim of continuing to open the range of possibilities for people to collaborate, it has now launched a line of natural cosmetics in its online store.

Who has not heard of the properties of aloe vera and the wonders of chocolate, rich in antioxidants and proteins that intensely nourish the skin? Well now, in addition to listening, you can try it on your skin because we have added new cosmetic products to our online store.

Thanks to the Castellón brand of natural cosmetics, Naturnua, from now on you can buy a chocolate serum that smells that nourishes since it gives off a warm aroma of chocolate that awakens the senses and releases daily tension. We can guarantee that your skin will be smoother than ever.

You will also find an aloe vera and coconut shower gel. Very soft, with a delicate aroma, with a neutral pH that respects the balance of the skin. Especially suitable for sensitive skin.

And to close the circle of personal care, we also have a facial cream with aloe vera (day / night) that has a repairing effect that provides the necessary nutrients to firm up and combat premature aging. It is suitable for all skin types.

Take a look and tell us which one you want to try.

All profits from the sale of these products, like those of the rest of the store, are fully dedicated to medical research seeking treatment and cure for 1F-D2 Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy and HIV.