Conquistando Escalones launches its own line of Artisan Soaps

The Conquistando Escalones Association continues to work tirelessly and despite all the difficulties added by the pandemic, in order to raise funds for medical research that seeks treatment and cure for 1F / D2 Waist Muscular Dystrophy and that after the latest discoveries , already has several drugs in the process of soon being tested in humans. To do this, it launches its own line of Artisan Soaps.

The president of the Association, Abrahán Guirao, recalled that online sales continue to be one of the “main” ways to raise funds since COVID-19 entered our lives. While he has indicated that “with this line of soaps we also want to contribute to sustainability, that is why it is a 100% natural and vegan product“. The varieties available, in 100 gram pill format, are aloe vera, oatmeal, rosehip, green clay and argan.

It should be remembered that these products are in addition to those that were already available in the natural cosmetics section inaugurated a few weeks ago, such as the chocolate serum; the aloe vera and coconut shower gel and an aloe vera face cream for day and night. These products are available in the Conquistando Escalones online store ( and “we hope that soon in face-to-face events” indicates Guirao who affirms that “returning to normality is vital for us since with the context of the COVID-19 fundraising is much more difficult and soon we will not have money to pay for research.

All profits from the sale of these products, as well as those from the rest of the store, are fully dedicated to medical research seeking treatment and cure for Limb-Girdle 1F / D2 Muscular Dystrophy and HIV. They are currently investigating centers around the world, including in Spain La Fe, the University of Valencia and the Carlos III Institute, among others.