Celebration of the 5th International Congress of LGMD1F / D2

This Wednesday, November 24, the 5th international congress on our disease took place. As every year, it is a meeting between all the doctors involved in the investigation of Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F / D2.

Because of the Covid-19 it has been held online again, although “thanks” to the pandemic there have also been virtual meetings between researchers on a quarterly basis to share progress, beyond the usual contact they maintain between laboratories in favor of of common work.

The annual congress serves to share all this more widely, taking stock from the beginning of the investigations to the current moment and analyze more deeply if possible all the tasks and objectives of the next year. All of our researchers discussed the latest advances made in understanding our Muscular Dystrophy, possible therapeutic approaches for HIV by studying our genetic mutation, and some promising preliminary results on palliative treatments for some of our symptoms as we await possible future HIV therapy. gene editing. And do it hand in hand with all the research centers to save time and resources.

We thank everyone for their participation as well as all their work, which is moving ever faster to reap the benefits after years of research. As in previous weeks and months, in the coming months we will continue to transfer all the details of these advances, as well as the agreements and payments that are made for this, and also to continue transferring in the form of images everything that is done within the laboratories.

What seemed impossible a few years ago, thanks to you and your constant support, is now becoming a reality. There is still work ahead, but together we will achieve it!