The Conquistando Escalones Association renews the agreement with La Fe de Valencia with a payment of €27,070

The Conquistando Escalones Association has renewed its collaboration agreement with the La Fe Health Research Institute in Valencia, signing for a payment of €27,070, the first half of which has already been made in June 2022 and the other half will be made in December. This will mainly cover the hiring of a predoctoral person who will be within the laboratory led by Dr. Vílchez, dedicated exclusively to the necessary tasks related to the research work on our disease (Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F/D2 – LGMDD2).

Having a person hired and dedicated to our studies at La Fe is vital for the advancement of research and multiplies the possibilities of making advances and finding treatments, both because of the work with the rest of his laboratory colleagues and because of the collaboration and work in common with the rest of the network of researchers from other centers involved.

In recent months regarding the work of La Fe we have been teaching you things such as seeing how it works from within the laboratory, we have also told you the great news of being able to correct the mutation in patient cells by genetic editing, as in coordination with Cambridge has sequenced the RNA of the patients or a few days ago the presentation of the advances and work of the entire team at the XV Annual Meeting of the Ciberer. We will continue to report as always on the next steps and everything that happens until the final goal, which is none other than to find treatments that initially stop the disease and improve the quality of life of those affected and that ultimately achieve a healing.

We would like to thank Marta Selva, Javier Poyatos, Inmaculada Azorín, Maria Pilar Martí, Núria Muelas, Lorena Fores, Roger Vílchez and Rafael Vázquez, as well as the rest of the team involved in one way or another in the work being carried out at the IIS. Faith. In recent years, great and promising advances have been made by the team led by Dr. Vílchez.