“You to you” interview between Abrahán Guirao and Javier Coronas

The comedian and presenter of the program Ilustres Ignorantes (Movistar+), Javier Coronas, has been the last guest on Twitch of the president of Conquistando Escalones, Abrahán Guirao. But this time it has not been a typical interview by Guirao since the guest showed great interest in the cause of the entity and some of the needs of those affected by Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F-D2 to “give wings to the wheels” to the entity, in the words of Coronas. Thus, one and the other have been interspersing concerns about their chat partner. When Guirao began to feel the disease, if there is any treatment or the cost of the chairs have been some of the questions that the illustrious guest has raised. “Within the fact that dying is not pleasant, I’m doing quite well,” Guirao said, recalling that the disease worsens from generation to generation since those affected suffer the effects earlier. Regarding the treatment, Guirao explained the progress of the research towards a possible cure and stated that “in two or three years I hope not to be running, but to have slowed down a bit so as not to mow, as Broncano says”. And the president of Conquistando Escalones has branded the orthopedic sector an “evil industry” due to the high cost of replacing parts of electric chairs and has lamented the decrease in public aid to renew these essential vehicles to guarantee mobility.

Coronas, who lives far from social networks and platforms -he continues to send SMS and calls without prior notice “although I found out the other day that calling by phone is offensive”, the humorist said ironically-, has assured that he has adapted to this disconnection and that the people around you respect it. Despite everything, he has argued that “networks have given us the chance to meet fascinating people” but he regretted that today, on many occasions, the number of followers a person has on networks is paramount to determine their worth. Apart from reviewing some anecdotes, Coronas has said that he does not feel hate from people and that if it is true that they stop him on the street “they don’t bother me much because people know my role” and has defended that “if you do something that people like, Everyone, you’re doing something wrong.” “My mother sees me on TV but she knows that she laughs more with Los Morancos and what am I going to do, hate my mother?” He pointed out.

Coronas has also expressed interest in the book “El torneo de su vida” written by Abrahán Guirao and which continues to be presented in educational centers and has promised to return to the channel in a year and to collaborate in the one he has dubbed a “chain of mail” to bring more personalities to Guirao’s Twitch channel and get more visibility for the disease and funds for research.