The City Council of Vila-real signs an agreement with Conquistando Escalones with a collaboration of € 10,000

The Mayor of Vila-real, José Benlloch, and the president of the Conquistando Escalones Association, Abrahán Guirao, have signed the collaboration agreement with which the consistory will contribute 10,000 euros to the research promoted by the entity to find a cure for Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F, a hereditary and degenerative muscular disease that makes the family that suffers it immune to HIV. The annual agreement -the first that the City Council signs with ACE- adds to another type of collaborations that the consistory has been providing in the multiple solidarity events that it organizes. The first € 10,000, corresponding to 2018, has already been paid at the end of that year and the Mayor of Vila-real has shown a clear intention to increase the amount each year, as well as to continue collaborating in the organization of other events to raise funds that the association will carry out. In this regard and as a sponsorship, the City of Vila-real, as well as the Network of Science Impulse and Innovation Cities, will collaborate with the Gala-Concert Musicians Valencians for the Science that will be held on March 15 at the Palau of the Music of Valencia.

“Vila-real is a city that takes care of its people and takes care of itself, a supportive city of which we feel tremendously proud, which always responds to the events promoted by ACE to raise funds for research. But all help is little; for this reason, with this agreement, which we signed for the first time in 2019 with the intention of expanding it, we want to collaborate from the City Council, to the extent of our possibilities, to the important work being done by the seven scientific research groups with which work with Conquistando Escalones “, values ​​Benlloch. The agreement is incorporated, in this way, to the “partnership with society” promoted by the local government team, through collaboration agreements with more than 60 local entities. The Mayor also congratulated Conquistando Escalones for the recent award of the 20 de Febrer Prize.

Conquistando Escalones wants to thank the city of Vila-real and the City Council for their collaboration, as “one of the main engines that make possible the collection of funds for research, through logistical support, organization, dissemination or economic support , from now on also direct thanks to this agreement “. From ACE will continue to work on bringing to the city attractive events of all kinds, trying to add their grain of sand and try to return to the vila-realenses everything they do for the association. Events that, in turn, will serve to raise funds to reach the 200,000 euros per year needed to finance the seven international research groups that are currently working on the search for a cure for the disease and HIV.