Lottery for the extraordinary draw for Valentine’s Day

In addition to the usual Christmas raffles and the almost also usual extraordinary raffle that takes place in summer, at Conquistando Escalones we have a lottery for the extraordinary Valentine’s Day raffle, thanks to the Carlos III Administration of Fuenlabrada and its online platform PlayLoterias. And, of course, we play the usual 36058 again.

The tenths to participate in this draw, which will be held on February 14, can be purchased at the following link: The sale will be active until the day of the draw at 4:00 p.m.

Each tenth has a cost of €18, of which €15 is played and €3 is the donation for research into Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy and HIV.

In the Extraordinary Valentine’s Day draw you can win a special prize of 15 million euros if you are the bearer of the tenth that contains the same series and fraction of the number awarded with the First Prize. In addition, there will be 130 thousand euros per tenth in the rest of the series and fractions of the number awarded with the First Prize and 25 thousand euros per tenth in the number awarded with the Second Prize. Finally, there will be a refund of €15 for the tenths whose last figure coincides with one of the 3 refunds.

Good luck to all!